AMSI Winter School 2016

Where: The University of Queensland

When: 4 – 15 July 2016

In the twenty-first century, modelling is a crucial research tool for studying complex phenomena and processes. Our impressive line up of speakers will build your knowledge of models, algorithms, and theoretical analysis tools, and bring you up to speed on a range of topical applications, from molecular biology through to ecosystems analysis.

Hosted by the University of Queensland, the School is designed for postgraduate students and ECRs in the mathematical sciences and cognate disciplines. Students and ECRs working specifically in biological or environmental modelling are of course encouraged to attend: however, the school is a great opportunity for those working in other areas of the mathematical sciences to strengthen their mathematical tool-kit.

 2016 Program 

Biological and Environmental Modelling


Closed 24 June 2016


Closed 5 June 2016

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The AMSI Winter School is funded jointly by the Department of Education and Training and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, with support from The University of Queensland, QCIF, ACEMS, The Simulation Group and the BHP Billiton Foundation (supporting the Choose Maths initiative).


  • Very interdisciplinary, great possibility to get insight into various areas.

    Christian Gerhards University of New South Wales
  • It helped me to understand my theoretical knowledge connections to other applied areas.

    Winter School Participant 2013
  • I've quite enjoyed the chance to meet students from around the country, as well as getting to know some of the international students too. While there's been plenty of time in lectures, the Winter School has been surprisingly social too.

    Stephen McCormick Monash University
  • Good exposure to different research in maths and good networking opportunity.

    Winter School Participant 2013
  • The best thing about the graduate theme program was – being able to explore and bounce ideas off my peers as extensions to what we learnt in class.

    Jonathan Klaric The University of Queensland
  • I really enjoyed the Winter School. I met new people and learnt lots of new things, and it’s so exciting to be able to learn from world-class mathematicians. When I finish my master’s degree I’d like to start a PhD in mathematics so I can keep doing what I love.

    Sai Ma Australian National University
  • The best thing about the graduate theme program was - being exposed to fields far from my own and being taken out of my comfort zone.

    Chris Chapman Australian National University
  • The best thing about the graduate theme program was – seeing work from other fields.

    Jesse Greenslade University of Wollongong
  • Very well organised lectures and tutorials were so useful to fully understand the lectures.

    Pegah Faegh-Lashgary Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
  • I liked to get a taste of different areas of research.

    Winter School Participant 2013
  • AMSI events are always great — I have been to quite a few — students gain unique access to experts and academics that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise, the Summer and Winter Schools are especially good for this, while other events broaden my horizons and introduce me to fields of research otherwise hidden.

    John Snadden University of Western Australia
  • I really enjoyed the lectures outside of my research area.

    Chris Chapman Australian National University
  • It allowed me to know about other fields in which mathematics is applied these days. And I picked up some useful ideas to apply to my research.

    Sehrish Uzma Queensland University of Technology
  • It was nice to see a mix of pure, applied, computing techniques and theory.

    Winter School Participant 2013
  • … classes were very informative, not only from a mathematical perspective but also from a clinical background

    Winter School Participant 2013
  • It’s been great meeting other PhD students from around the world and sharing ideas.

    Kerry-Lyn Roberts University of Sydney
  • The best thing about the graduate theme program was getting a feel for what my peers are doing and hearing about other maths, and other work being done.

    Andrew Cramer The University of Queensland
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